A Family, A Famine, and Three Funerals

Ruth 1: 1-5


  • Elimelech – “My GOD is King”
  • Naomi – “Pleasant”
    • confused, FRUSTRATED, scared, uncertain
  • Mahlon and Chilion
  • Orpah and Ruth- MOABITES
    • Descendants of Lot
    • Pagan people who were enemies with the Hebrew people
    • Known for its worship of false gods and child sacrifices


  • The time and place
    • BETHLEHEM – house of bread & praise
  • The MOVE
    • Elimelech led his family out of the will of God when he went to MOAB
  • His sons MARRIAGES
    • These marriages were FORBIDDEN by God
  • Elimelech walked by SIGHT not by faith
  • God wants us to walk by FAITH not by sight


  • Naomi has lost EVERYTHING
  • For a Hebrew woman, this is the depth of DESPAIR


Note: Things start to get better for Naomi next week:  Ruth 1: 6