Called to Advance the Kingdom

Journey With Jesus

Called to Advance the Kingdom

Mark 6:7-13

Know This–We go with Jesus’ AUTHORITY       Mark 6:7

  • Jesus SUMMONS His followers
  • Jesus SENDS His followers

Know This–We are DEPENDENT on God           Mark 6:8-9

  • We leave behind the NON-ESSENTIALS 
  • We must TRUST God for our daily needs

Know This–Some will welcome the message, others will REJECT it     Mark 6:10-11

  • The RESPONSE of the hearer is not our responsibility
  • Our RESPONSIBILITY is to share the truth and invite any and all to follow Christ

Know This–We proclaim the WORD and do the WORK of the Kingdom     Mark 6:12-13

    • Six ingredients for true repentance:
      1. Sight of sin
      2. Sorrow for sin
      3. Confession of sin
      4. Shame for sin
      5. Hatred of sin
      6. Turning from sin and turning to the Lord
  • PRACTICE our faith