The Sign of the Prophet Jonah

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“The Sign of the Prophet Jonah”

Matthew 12: 38-40

Give us a SIGN

The Sign of the Prophet JONAH

  • Jesus declares that His RESURRECTION is all the evidence and proof we need that He is who He says He is

Jonah points us to CHRIST

  • God sent His prophet Jonah to a wicked and rebellious people… God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to a wicked and REBELLIOUS people
  • God sent Jonah to preach the Good News of salvation and call the people of Nineveh and believe… God sent Jesus to preach the Good News of SALVATION and to call us to repent of our sin and place our faith in Him
  • God “took” Jonah’s life when he was thrown overboard the ship… God took the life of Jesus when He died on the CROSS
  • God “raised” Jonah from the dead when He commanded the fish to vomit him out on dry land… God raised Jesus from the dead when He walked out of the BORROWED tomb.
  • The “risen” Jonah brought new life to the people of Nineveh through the preaching of God’s truth… The risen Jesus Christ brings new life to all who BELIEVE

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a REALITY

The resurrection is essential to our FAITH

The resurrection is essential to FORGIVENESS of sin

The resurrection is essential to ETERNAL life