Invest, Invite, and Watch Jesus Work

Journey with Jesus


Mark 2: 1-12

We Must be DESPERATE to Bring People to Jesus

  • We must be willing to ADAPT how we minister the Gospel to reach the culture that surrounds us

We Must TRUST Jesus to Heal and Forgive

  • Our SINS are forgiven
    • All of humanity is GUILTY of sin
    • CONSEQUENCES of sin:
      • Separation from a personal RELATIONSHIP with God
      • PHYSICAL death
      • Eternal CONDEMNATION
    • All of humanity is in need of FORGIVENESS of sin
    • Forgiveness is available through FAITH in the person and finished work of Jesus Christ
    • Consequences of FORGIVENESS:
      • We are friends of God
      • Our relationship to God is reconciled
      • We are justified before God
      • We are righteous in Christ
      • We are promised the gift of eternal life
  • Our Wounds are HEALED
    • This man was TRANSFORMED through faith in Jesus Christ

Monday morning application:

  • Invest
  • Invite
  • Watch Jesus work