Lessons Learned in the Valley

Lessons Learned in the Valley

Journey with Jesus

Mark 9: 14-29

We NEED Jesus Today – v. 14-19

  • In our own strength we are HELPLESS against temptation and the supernatural forces of our adversary.
  • Yesterday’s spiritual VICTORIES do not guarantee spiritual victory today.

We Need FAITH Today – v. 19-27

  • Hebrews 11: 6
  • Matthew 17: 20
  • The key is not the DEPTH of our faith but the direction of our faith.  The key is not the amount of our faith but the OBJECT of our faith.
  • A little faith in a great SAVIOR will produce amazing results.
  • DEPENDENT faith in Jesus brings divine power to our life, our circumstances and our ministry.

We Need PRAYER Today – v. 28-29

  • When we enter into SPIRITUAL battles in our own strength, in our self-sufficiency we have LOST the battle before it begins.
  • Prayer INCREASES our faith, prayer deepens our dependence on the Lord and prayer allows us to experience more of CHRIST in our lives.