Remembering Tomorrow


2 Peter 3: 1-13

The DOUBT of the Unbeliever – v. 1-4

  • The unity of the Word of GOD
  • We see SCOFFING from the unbeliever

The Promise and PATIENCE of God – v. 5-9

  • God promises JUDGEMENT of mankind
  • God is PATIENT with mankind

The Consummation of HISTORY – v. 5-9

  • The Day of the LORD
    • It is a SERIES of events
    • It is a SINGLE event
    • It will happen without an ANNOUNCEMENT
  • We must be READY
    • We must live GODLY lives
    • We must live in EXPECTATION of the day of God
  • The new heaven and new earth
    • A place of perfect RIGHTEOUSNESS
    • A place where God’s children will DWELL