The Beginning of the Good News

A Journey with Jesus:  The Beginning of the Good News

Mark 1: 1-8

The ETERNAL Message

  • The Gospel is the good news that God has kept His promise to send a MESSIAH
  • There is NONE like Jesus

The HUMBLE Messenger

  • John the Baptist was sent to PREPARE the way for the Messiah
  • He was HUMBLE in appearance
  • He was humble in HOME
  • He was humble in DIET
  • He was humble in MESSAGE
  • He preached a message of REPENTANCE
    • To turn AWAY from something and turn in a NEW direction
  • He preached a message of BAPTISM
    • Baptism in Scripture is always by IMERSION
    • Baptism symbolizes a DEATH to the previous way of life.
    • Baptism symbolizes a NEW life in Christ

The PERSON of the Message

  • Jesus is the SON OF GOD
  • Jesus is EQUAL to God the Father in all His attributes
  • Jesus is GOD OF THE AGES