The Lord Introduces Ruth & Boaz

Redeeming Love

Week 3: The Lord Introduces Ruth & Boaz


Ruth 2: 1-23

Ruth and Naomi Lived by FAITH in the Lord – v. 1-3

  • Ruth BELIEVED God would provide a field for her to gather grain in.
  • When we commit ourselves to God, everything that happens to us happens by APPOINTMENT not accident.
  • Ruth lived by faith trusting GOD with every part of her life.

Ruth and Naomi Lived by the GRACE of the Lord – v. 4-16

  • God would show His grace through BOAZ.
  • Boaz has been blessed FINANCIALLY and materially by the Lord.
  • Boaz is a man of high CHARACTER.
  • Boaz is KIND and thoughtful.
  • Boaz knows his SERVANTS.
  • Boaz is GENEROUS beyond expectations.

Ruth and Naomi Lived by HOPE in the Lord – v. 17-23

  • Naomi praises BOAZ.
  • Naomi PRAISES the Lord.
  • Boaz is their kinsmen REDEEMER.
  • Boaz is a picture of God’s promised MESSIAH.