The Ministry of Jesus Begins

Journey with Jesus:  The Ministry of Jesus Begins

Mark 1: 9-20


The BAPTISM of Jesus (v. 9-11)

  • His baptism INAUGURATED His public ministry
  • His baptism identified Him with SINFUL humanity
  • His baptism AFFIRMED the ministry of John the Baptist
  • His baptism showed His DEPENDENCE on the Holy Spirit
  • His baptism demonstrated His APPROVAL by God
  • His baptism demonstrated a HUMILITY that would eventually lead to death on a cross
  • His baptism sets an EXAMPLE for the generations to come to follow

The TEMPTATION of Jesus (v. 12-13)

  • Jesus was not SURPRISED at Satan’s attempts to destroy Him
  • Jesus DEFEATED temptation through the Word of God
  • Jesus’ VICTORY over temptation should serve as an encouragement to us
  • Jesus’ victory over temptation gives us a PREVIEW of the cross and empty tomb
  • Jesus was served the ministered to by ANGELS

The MESSAGE of Jesus

  • REPENT – a change of mind that leads to a change of behavior
  • BELIEVE – we place our faith and trust in Jesus Christ

The CALL of Jesus

  • This is a call to ABANDON all this world offers and faithfully follow Christ
  • Jesus looks for people who will COMMIT to Him and follow Him
  • Jesus looks for people who will commit to LOVE Him above everything else
  • Jesus looks for people who will be FISHERS of men