The Sabbath Controversy

Journey with Jesus

Mark 2:23 – 3:6

The HISTORY of the Sabbath

The ABUSE of the Sabbath

  • A vast number of man-made laws were added to the Commandment
  • These man-made laws and traditions place an ENORMOUS weight and burden on the people
  • The additional laws constitute LEGALISM
    • Legalism is DESTRUCTIVE
    • Legalism is SEDUCTIVE
    • Legalism is DECEPTIVE

The MEANING of the Sabbath

  • We IMITATE God’s pattern in the Sabbath
  • We CELEBRATE through worship in the Sabbath-
    • We gather to give PRAISE to the Lord
    • We gather to GIVE to the Lord
    • We gather to STUDY God’s Word
  • We rejoice in SALVATION on the Sabbath
    • PRESENT tense
    • FUTURE tense