True Love is Risky

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Message 4 in the series “Redeeming Love”

Ruth 3:1-18

Ruth searching for SECURITY and Stability–v 1-7

  • Naomi is concerned for Ruth’s  FUTURE
  • Celebrating the harvest
  • Ruth’s time of MOURNING is over

Ruth SUBMITTING to Boaz–v 8-11

  • Family Redeemer
    • To buy back property that the family had sold
    • To provide an heir for a deceased brother by marrying his wife
    • To buy back a family member who had been sold into slavery
    • To avenge a relative who had been murdered
  • Spread your CLOAK over me–“hide me under your wings”
  • Ruth is a woman of noble CHARACTER
  • Boaz gives his WORD to Ruth

Ruth Waiting and TRUSTINGv 12-18