Corey Stringer

Worship Pastor


Corey is a native of Mobile, Alabama. He graduated from Satsuma High School and the University of Mobile. He spent one semester at the University of South Alabama–just long enough to meet his wife, Amy!  After graduating from Mobile, Corey served in music ministry in a few churches before God led him to Southside in August, 2018.

Corey’s passion is to pursue Christ in every aspect of life.  His goal as a worship leader is to help lead God’s people into His presence, to exalt and glorify His name. That means providing an atmosphere that is distraction free and is encouraging for them to worship Him with all their hearts.  As a leader he feels it is his duty to invest in others and help them, to the best of his abilities, become everything God wants them to be.  He also desires to help teach and be an example of what true worship is. It is not a Sunday morning music gathering, but a life lived out daily in a committed relationship with our Lord. In addition to music, he has a passion to reach the hearts of the lost with the gospel.